Female ShredFast Subscription (90 Days)

£29.99 / 3 months

Pay now £15 for 3 months then you will automatically subscribe for a further 3 months for just £29.99. This is NONE CONTRACT and may be cancelled at any time through PayPal.

ShredFast is workout programme designed to push you to your limits and elevate your mental strength beyond what you thought possible.

With a combination of physical and mental exercises, you will improve every aspect of your life!

You will shred fat, tone muscle and massively improve your cardio vascular health and fitness.

Start your ShredFast journey today



ShredFast is the ideal plan for anyone looking to make real, long-lasting changes to both their physical and mental health.

The programme is a none contract 90 day subscription of only £29.99.
Once subscribed you will then be emailed the ShredFast Programme which will include;

  • Daily Rituals – Providing discipline and productivity in your life
  • Morning Routine – An accumulation of morning habits that provide you with all the tools needed to have a happy, healthy life
  • ShredFast Protocol explanation – How the programme works
  • Book, audio’s and podcast recommendations
  • Supplement List

You will also have 3 months subscription to the website with your own personal login details. This gives you access to the ‘subscribers only’ section of the site.

With this, you will have access to;

  • 4 Workouts Per Week
    Monday – Wednesday – Friday – Saturday
  • 6 Nutrition Plans
  • Motivational Videos, Audio’s And Podcasts
  • Nutritional And Training Guidance Videos
  • Video Demonstrations Of All Workouts
  • Exercise Tutorials

Workouts are posted to the “ShredFast Workouts” section of the site at 9pm a day prior – This is a written workout with a video demonstration of the exercises and equipment used.
The workouts are around 30 minutes long with a split of;
10 minutes Calisthenics
10 minutes Kettlebell Strength Work
10 minutes HIIT

This formula has been tried and tested over 15 years of experience and had some amazing results as can be seen in the “Transformations” section.
2 programmes will be released per year. Each with the previous 6 months experience and knowledge added.
January 1st and July 1st are the release dates.