Female – 6 Week Introductory ShredFast Subscription

£29.99 / 3 months

6 week introductory offer £19.99.

Health and well-being is so much deeper than physical training. ShredFast is designed to not only enhance your physical body, but also help elevate your mental state to heights you never thought was possible. The combination of fitness training, morning routine and daily rituals will help you come to a place of pure contentment and happiness. Start your journey today with this 6 week introductory offer.

After the 6 weeks, you will automatically enter a 3 month subscription to ShredFast. This is NONE CONTRACT and can be easily cancelled at anytime through PayPal.



As we enter the last quarter of the year and also a very tough time for everyone, we would like to offer you the chance to try the ShredFast Programme and potentially change your life. This amazing £19.99 half price offer will last for just 12 hours before returning to the original price of £29.99.

When you sign up, you enter a NONE CONTRACT agreement that will run for 6 weeks, then automatically renew to a 3 months subscription once the 6 week trial ends. This can be cancelled at any time for FREE using the link in your PayPal email.

The ShredFast Programme is very easy to follow and is designed for all age’s, body types and fitness levels – ANY BODY CAN is a slogan we use because we truly believe that every person can change their life using the programme.

What’s included:
• 6 Workouts per week.
• 6 Nutrition Plans (V Friendly.
• Morning Routine to elevate your mood and start the day right.
• Daily Rituals to improve productivity and mental strength.
• Motivational Media to help motivate and inspire you.
• Guidance and Advice covering nutrition, video demonstrations and more